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Dear Skip Count Kid Customer:

Thank you for your interest in our product. "Hardcopy" CDs and booklets will no longer be mailed directly to customers who order online by email, or via phone sales.

Instead of us sending you a hardcopy CD and booklet, we ask you to do the following:

a) Download the booklets for free - click on the Booklets tab on the left.

b) Please go to any of the following digital distributors of our product, to order the Skip Count Kid products online in mp3 or other digital versions:

Bible Heroes
Buy Bible Heroes
from iTunes Music Store
Buy Original Skip Count Kid
Buy Original Skip Count Kid
from iTunes Music Store

Buy from Amazon

Then if you want, burn your own CD for personal use - NOT resale! NOTE - we are copyright protected for ALL forms of this product - performance, distribution, origination, etc.

Why have we discontinued individual hardcopy sales? A few reasons:

[1] We have had a policy of "order now, send no money, send the money when you get the CD." Unfortunately, too many people have ordered the product but never sent payment.

[2] We have been overwhelmed by spammers sending e-mails promising to optimize our web traffic. It has made receiving and processing individual e-mail orders unreasonably difficult.

[3] The cost of manufacturing and mailing individual hardcopy CDs to individuals is prohibitive and not practical. We have distributors of our product who may order in bulk and resell the product; to sell to these distributors is practical and cost effective.

Thank you for your understanding!

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